Welcome To Slovakia


Internationally recognized degree

Universities and colleges in Slovakia run under European standards – students obtain ECTS credits, which makes their Diploma recognized in EU.
International environment
Number of international students in Slovakia is rising continually. Majority of students come to Slovakia to study General medicine, Dental Medicine or Pharmacy, where provide almost 100% certainty of getting job after graduation.

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A wide variety of options

Slovak Faculties and Universities offer plenty of study programmes for international students: they can choose between chemistry, mathematics, IT, medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and many others. Programmes are in English, German, French and Hungarian.

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International environment

Slovak Universities and faculties responded to trends in the world and have decided to offer study places also for international students. Nowadays, you can meet students from more than 100 countries in Slovakia.
Internationally recognized degree
Degree from Slovakia is internationally recognised in European Union and in most countries of the world. Great news is, that education at all levels is cheaper than in western countries.

Tuition Fees

The tuition fees are set by the higher education institutions individually. If the study programmes are offered in foreign language, students have to pay tuition fee. The fee varies from 700€ to 10,000€ per year.To know the exact fees, contact the respective higher education institution.

Living Expenses

The living expenses in the Slovak Republic are lower than in western European countries. The costs of living vary depending upon the region, day-to-day necessities and lifestyle.

Where can I study?

This is the question, which is asked the most often by students. There are plenty of educational institutions, which offer higher education at Bachelor, Master´s or Doctoral degree. Read more about Slovak Universities in order to find out, where you can apply to.

What can I study?

Students may apply to either study programme in Slovak language (in which good command of Slovak language is required) or in foreign language (English, German, French or even Hungarian). Offer of study programmes for international students is really rich: applicants have plenty of options such as studying civil engeneering, architecture, international management or also pharmacy, medicine, physics, mathematics and many others.